Have you ever wanted to do something for personal reasons but in doing so, you knew you would be able to help a lot of people? 

If so, you might be able to relate to the “WHY” of our race!  This race came to be because a small group of people saw a need.  Our community and countless others like it have been faced with a drug epidemic.  We have to protect our young children and as parents ourselves, we wanted to get involved.  Like many, when an issue is this vast, we wondered, how do we get involved, how we help find a solution?  We are taking action by operating a Drug Free Clubs of America program, for our local youth that will stimulate a drug free culture around them throughout their day.  Like most good things this will requires funding and so The Buck Fifty was born!  


The what? The Buck Fifty!  

An overnight relay race that will take you over 150 scenic and rolling miles in Southern Ohio.  You will travel through several communities, run trails in 4 amazing National and State Parks and across several school campuses. 

~You never know how far reaching something you think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.
— BJ Palmer

What is the best part of this race? 

100% of the profit will stay local to fill a need in our community and right now our children are in need.  The funds raised by our race will go directly to sponsor every high school student in Ross County who would like to participate in The Drug Free Clubs of America program.  So by running this race, not only will you have a PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE, but you will also be making a difference in the lives of our youth.  

The Buck Fifty Mission Statement

"Inspiring a community through running with the mission to keep kids off of drugs."