“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
— Frederick Douglas

We are driven to protect our youth from drugs.  

Every person who is addicted was drug-free at one time.  Studies have shown that the earlier someone begins experimenting, the more likely it is that they will become addicted, especially if their first use is under the age of 18.  If a child never tries a drug, then they will never become a drug addict.  


In order to make our cause a reality, we want to promote a culture in our youth where it pays to say “I CAN'T”.


We are providing a safety net for a teen to make the right choice under pressure, even if they haven’t yet developed the confidence to voice the word NO in a peer setting.  So how do we prevent teens from experimenting or giving into peer pressure?  By giving them a logical exit from a tough situation.  

Our solution is our own Chapter of DRUG FREE CLUBS OF AMERICA.  Some of our high school students have named our effort M.A.D.E. (My Attitude Determines Everything).  We have worked hard to make our Chapters as successful as Drug Free Clubs of America’s firefighter founders believed it would be when they started DFCA in 2005.  Our teens have signed up for this program in droves, and we have 2,000 volunteer members representing 70% of the teens in their high school. Can you say majority??? These teens have certainly changed their culture wiht their commitment to live a drug free lifestyle.

This enrollment is both inspiring and challenging to fund with these massive numbers which is why The Buck Fifty is so important.  Your running in this event will be life changing for yourself, your teammates as well as the teenagers who receive 100% of our profits.  The Drug Free Clubs of America Members at Huntington High School came up with a slogan that we feel is so important we should share with you now.  "Run Miles, Make a Difference."



Since 2005 Drug Free Clubs of America has been perfecting a framework that our kids will now have to justify their choice to stay drug-free.  It gives a solid “out”.  It also allows the school and community to give fun perks to our teen members to support and reinforce their choice to STAY DRUG FREE!  

We are taking a stand, taking action, and taking our community back by protecting the potential in our youth, our future!  It takes the efforts of hundreds of people to pull off a race of this magnitude, and we would be honored to have you on our team.  

Your support can be through sponsorship, or volunteering your time and talent.  Even better, create a team for our race.  For those of you willing to take on this challenge be prepared.  We want the runner who’s willing to push through their comfort zone and can see the beauty in the challenge that lies in the historic, rolling landscape of Ross County.  We chose to put on a race that takes a team effort because as Vince Lombardi said “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”  

We thank you in advance for seeing the value in our efforts and promise to bring you an event like you you’ve never experienced before!  It’s going to be EPIC!     


FOR OUR April 17th & 18th 2020 Race.

First 150 Teams are in!   

Are you strong enough for The Buck Fifty?