Beauty In Teamwork

150 miles doesn't come easy. It's challenging. It's tough. But you're tough too. The Buck Fifty will build a lifetime bond with your teammates and will show you just how strong you really are. With beautiful views running through 3 state parks this is a race you'll never forget. 



The Buck Fifty Guide Book

We've put together a detailed overview of how to register your team for The Buck Fifty.  All the rules of the race, suggestions for your team captains, tips, runner rankings with distances for each runner, The Buck Fifty training program and even a checklist on what to pack.  All of the details you need to know are listed here.  Registration is open until midnight February 1st 2019 or when we hit our 150 team maximum. 


10-Person Team Pricing

                          Deposit Amount             Final Payment               Total Team Cost
May 1st              $550                               $500                              $1,050
August 1st          $650                               $500                              $1,150
October 1st        $750                               $500                              $1,250
December 1st    $850                               $500                              $1,350

You initial deposit secures your team and you do not need all 10 runners to sign up.  The $500 final payment is made through our registration site of Race Entry and is due 90 days after sign up, or before February 1st whichever comes first. 

Team Pricing

                          Deposit Amount            Final Payment               Total Team Cost
May 1st              $350                               $300                              $650
August 1st          $400                               $300                             $700
October 1st        $450                               $300                             $750
December 1st    $500                               $300                             $800

You initial deposit secures your team and you do not need all 10 runners to sign up.  The $300 final payment is made through our registration site of Race Entry and is due 90 days after sign up, or before February 1st whichever comes first. 



Thank you for an amazing 2019 Buck Fifty!

We’ll see you on April 17th and 18th, 2020!


Our race route is coming together quite nicely and we are ready to start showing you the route!  Check out the VIEW RACE MAP section here for each leg of the race with elevation views included.  We will be continuously releasing these legs, but we can tell you that 60% of the route is beautiful back country roads, 15% trail runs, and the remaining 25% in historic Chillicothe. We are striving to provide you with the perfect trip around Ross County Ohio. We will make it easy for you to find your way through the course, but the course will be a challenging endeavor.  We have some amazing state parks in southern Ohio and we are going to take full advantage of them!  Our hills, peaks and valleys will stimulate all of your senses and challenge the muscles and minds of runners at any skill level.


How does The Buck Fifty race work?

Have you ever ran in an overnight relay race?  If not, we’ll help to lay the concept out for you here!  Your team of 10 runners will be broken into two groups of 5.  Your team will also need 2 non running drivers and two vans.  Van #1, with its 5 runners will begin the race at the starting line.  Runner 1 will start the race at your team’s designated time.  

Once Runner 1 takes off, van #1 will drive ahead to the first transition zone, so that runner number 2 can get warmed up and ready for his or her leg.  When runner one arrives at the transition zone, their first leg is done and runner number 2 is off!  Runner 1 will cool off, change clothes, and quickly hop back in the van so that your team can get runner number 3 to the next transition zone.  This process continues through your fifth runner.  So where is van #2?  After your team’s start, van # 2 drives ahead to the transition zone where runner number 5 finishes his first leg.  Once runner number 5 comes in, all of the runners in van #1 have

completed their first of three legs.  And now, runner 5 hands off to runner 6 (which is the first runner in van #2.)  Van #1 is on its first “resting” period.  Based on the number of miles the other van will cover and the pace time that each of those runners have submitted, the resting van should be able to gauge how much down time they will have.  During that time we recommend you rest and refuel.  There are several places listed in the “About the Race” Section where you can book a hotel room to get a little shut eye and a hot shower.  We’ve also listed a few places that you can camp along the way.  

But one thing’s for sure….make sure you’re on your game and back to meet at the next transition zone.  No one wants to leave their teammate at the transition zone with no one to trade off to! •

What should we eat?

There are many restaurants along Bridge St. in Chillicothe that can easily be driven to when your van is off.  There are also some sit down restaurants like Max and Erma’s, Bob Evans, Olive Garden, Chipotle, etc.  However, most of these are not open 24 hours, and most of your time is going to be spent on country roads and in state parks where you don’t have quick access to food.  We recommend packing enough fluids to keep your runners hydrated and enough food to keep fueled while your van is out on the course.  


Fairfield By Marriott

Official Host Hotel
for the 2019 Buck Fifty Race


We have a great partnership with Fairfield By Marriott for your stay during The Buck Fifty.  They are conveniently located right off Route 35 and North Bridge Street.  With The Buck Fifty Route going in a clockwise circle around Chillicothe this hotel is centrally located and you will always have a quick 25 minute trip back to the hotel.  Many teams will book two rooms for a quiet meal out of the elements, hot shower or a little shuteye.  If you are having several people share a room that is no problem, but please bring an extra bath towel for yourself.  The hotels will provide great accommodations, but does not have the inventory for a clean towel after your 3 showers. Imagine umpteen teams of runners, all trying not to stink. That’s a lot of water and there is no extra charge for that!  Please call and use the code "The Buck Fifty" for a Special Discounted Rate or simply use the reservation link Book Now below. 

Fairfield By Marriott Hotel Features
300 N. Plaza Blvd. Bottled Water 24/7 Bananas 24/7
Chillicothe, OH 45601 Pickles 24/7 Hot Deluxe Complimentary Breakfast 6-10 am
740-771-9090 Trail Mix 24/7 Yoga & Pilates Stretching Area Inside 24/7
Book Now Complete with Buck Fifty Hospitality for a great weekend running experience!!!

buck fifty green.PNG

How should we pack?

Some teams have perfected the overnight relay experience and we’ll share some of their secrets.  Remember, you’ll be riding in a van with 4 other runners and one driver.  You could run a leg during rain, get a muddy trail run, or maybe you are just extra sweaty.  My guess is you’re going to want a change of dry clothes after EACH leg.  We’d also recommend an extra pair of running shoes, and extra dry socks!  Large zip lock bags make a great odor free option for storing your used running clothes.  We’ve also seen teams use clear plastic totes, stacked in the back of

each van with runner names easily viewable, in place of luggage or duffle bags.  The advantage here would be that they are all the same size and can easily stack together to optimize space.  It’s also easy to find your gear quickly when you’re running your night legs.  In the end, pack however is easiest for your team.  But planning ahead on this part can save you a long, smelly ride!  Other items you might want:  Trash bag for the van, paper towels, wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels, and please, don’t forget deodorant!


Runner and Course Safety

This is an open road race so we are requiring all runners to be 18 years of age by race day .  Any time you run on roads that cars will be traveling on, there is risk.  We have taken as many precautions as we can to make this a safe and fun event for you.  Members of our Community are aware of the race and we’ve asked them to look out for you.  

We also have members of our law enforcement community strategically placed at spots along the course.  But as runners, we have to be responsible for our own safety.  Here is what we require of each team and runner.  These items are required and your team will be disqualified if any of the safety rules are broken.

Each team must have at check-in:

  • 2 running vests (two for each van.) Each runner may have their own, if you prefer to not trade off.

  • 2 Head lamps for each van. Each runner may have their own, if you prefer to not trade off

  • 2 flashing, reflective lights for each van to attach to your backside

  • 2 First Aid Kits (one for each van)

From Dusk ‘til Dawn, each runner will be required to wear their headlamp, reflective vest and flashing light on the back.  If you only have one per van, all of these items will need to be handed off at every transition zone until dawn.  If any runner is found on the race course during this time, without the appropriate safety gear, your team will be disqualified.  

No runner is allowed to use headphones or earbuds during this race.  This prevents your ability to hear and be aware of your surroundings.  We get it, you like music when you run, and so do we, but keeping you safe while on the course is more important!

This course will also cover miles on trails through state parks during the dark.  This may be a totally new experience for you.  We will have the trails well marked with our highway grade white reflective signs. You will need to be very alert during these legs as rocks and tree roots can be more difficult to see at night.  It is important that you study the legs of your race, prior to race day.  Being informed and prepared will be an important part of your success. 


Are you strong enough for The Buck Fifty?

Register TODAY FOR OUR April 17 th & 18th 2020 Race. 



Every Buck Fifty Runner will leave with a Buck Fifty Swag Bag. Each bag will come with a t-shirt, runner exclusive discounts, and more, thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors!